Taylor Lynne Smith          

piritual Astrologer
Astrology is a map describing  your "soul's" intention. This map reveals your challenges and your
gifts, that were present when your born. In our lifetime, we all have lessons to learn and  astrology
can reveal where, why, and when specific opportunities will manifest. There is no  "good chart" or
" bad chart", rather, we are here to grow in our spiritual awareness, and transcend fear based
belief systems. Your unique talents and challenges are revealed in your 'soul agreement' which
begins with your first breath.
We choose our country where we are born, our parents, siblings, important relationships of all
kinds, in order to learn balance and evolve our soul. Life is not easy, however, your chart will show
you how to manuever the hard times, and give up victim consciousness, guilt, anger etc. Once we
learn that we are co-creators in our lives with our understanding of God, Allah, Universe, however
you wish to express our creator, life begins to make more sense.            
Taylor has enjoyed extensive radio and television coverage in Sacramento. "News Call Live" with
host Walt Gray, in which Taylor answered questions about viewers concerns.  Stan Atkinson,
former Channel 3 news anchor, can vouch for Taylor's gift of discernment, when she predicted
while 'on air' that he would indeed experience a big change in his life that resulted in his new
placement on channel 13.. Taylor was a former guest on  KMAX  Channel 31 "Good Day
Sacramento" for 6 years. Viewers and listeners could call in to receive on-air mini-readings from
Taylor. "Taylortalk" was her show on local TV for five years, in which she introduced many
authors, teachers, and special guest Matthew Fox, who was a priest for 30 years. Matthew shared
how he received his 'pink slip' from the Vatican via Federal Express,  while writing his 22nd book.
"Reinvention of Work, putting God back in the Workplace"; this experience became a very
important 'wake up call' for him. He picked himself up after the shock wore off, and started the
'University of Creative Spirituality" in Oakland, and was a part of that for many years.
We are not here to stagnate...we must grow...evolve our soul...astrology shows you how.        

Taylor is a spiritually based astrologer with 26 years experience. Taylor's gift of clair-audience, and
clair-cognizance, is what separates her from linear astrologers. We are all here to learn one thing:
unconditional love, which must began within. Be ready to take responsibility for what you've asked

Taylor can be reached for personal consultations by phone, or in person:        
Phone  916 726-7753               Email:  taylortalk@comcast.net
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